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3 Photo Tips for Your Real Estate Photos

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

High-quality listing photos are a must to attract potential buyers in today's housing market.

So what exactly is Real Estate Photography?

Plain and simple, real estate photography is taking pictures of houses, including the interior and exteriors!

There’s a lot of demand for photography in real estate. Especially now that more people are buying and selling houses and looking online first. This specialized genre may seem simple, but it does require some skill to take photos of homes.

Here are our 3 tips for shooting the best photos for social media and real estate:

1. Natural lighting


We recommend using natural lighting as much as possible. Natural lighting creates an airy feel, it is a constant, and best of all it is free!

2. Turn off the flash.

Try not to use the flash! If possible, use natural light.

3. Switch up the angles.

This tip is crucial when learning to shoot real estate photography.

When shooting different angles, be sure to keep the camera straight. Doing so helps avoid distortion that you’d later need to straighten in Lightroom.

You’ll notice that if you point the camera ever-so-slightly up or down, the vertical lines start to slant. They’ll distort in one direction or the other.

You also want to get different angles of each room!

Have a favorite photography tip that we didn't share on here? Tell us in the comments!


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