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9 Holiday Decorations to Have in Your Home

I don't know about you, but I can’t really get into the Christmas spirit until my home is fully decorated. I mean, imagine walking into your home trying to get into the cheery Christmas mood, but your house looking the same as it normally would any of the other days of the year. My point is, it is extremely difficult to get into the Christmas spirit if you don’t have any holiday decorations. The right Christmas decorations will cause you to come home feeling like Santa even if you were feeling like the Grinch all day at work.

These Christmas decorations are sure to bring the Christmas spirit into your home, making it so that you never want to step away from your Winter Wonderland this holiday season. Ready to see our 9 Must-Have Holiday Decorations?

Thought so!

1. Garland

As far as Christmas decorations go, the garland is a steeple and must be included inside every home. You can adorn your staircase with garland, or you can put it on the fireplace mantel, the walls, the kitchen countertops, anything really – you name it and I guarantee that you can place the garland on it. Garland is elegant and it will make your home feel Christmasy in no time. You can even intertwine Christmas lights or tie bows around the garland to make it pop even more. Check out our mantel we decked out!

2. Christmas Trees

Would it really be the holiday season if there were zero Christmas trees involved? Didn't think so. You can purchase one big Christmas tree and call it a day, but another great Christmas decoration idea is to purchase a bunch of tiny Christmas trees and decorate small areas of your house. You can place tiny trees around a random side table or even just a random corner in your house. You can get these from any craft store or chain!

3. Wreath

When you hear the words, “holiday decorations,” I am relatively sure that one of the first items that pop into your mind is wreaths. Wreaths are usually just hung outside of the door, however you can also place them on windows or in the inside of you home as well!

4. Lights

Part of what makes Christmas so magical is all of the Christmas light decorations. All of the different colored lights being displayed all around, whether it be inside of the house or outside, has a way of bringing such a child-like sense of joy and wonder. Bring that wonder into your own home by purchasing some string lights and hanging on your staircase or anywhere else you see fit. If LED lights aren't your thing, you can buy holiday candles that will not only light up your space, but also add a lovely smell to your home. Check out one of our favorites Winter White Noble, which will add the aroma of evergreen and frosted cypress with white peppercorn, spicy-cool cardamom and sparkling citrus.

5. Holiday Doormat

Before you even walk through your door, you can be hit with holiday cheer through purchasing this holiday decoration – a doormat. These doormats are great for not only stopping wet and dirty shoes from entering your house but it also acts as a nice little hello! Doormats are easy to come across, are cheap, and there are so many different kinds out there so you are sure to find one that matches your style perfectly.

6. Stockings

Christmas decorations must include stockings, this is a well-known fact. Having a stocking for every member of the family is not only endearing, but it provides cute decor for wherever you decide to hang them. It can also be really fun having each family choose which Christmas stocking they want to have this Christmas season.

7. Christmas Yard Sign

You can't forget to decorate the outside of your home! A great (and simple) way to decorate outside is to add a yard sign. If you don't have the option to decorate outside or simply don't want to step into the frigid air, you can also place these signs inside of your house. Christmas decorations are oftentimes very versatile and are only limited to the constraints of your imagination.

8. Pillows

Add a touch of holiday cheer to your home with this whimsical throw pillow! Pillows are a great way to switch up the look and feel of your home in a flash. We love the Holly, Blair, and Gwen pillows from Letty Blu! They are not only high quality, but are stunning too.

9. Decorative Figures

From snowman to nutcrackers, you can add a little more spruce of holiday cheer by adding in these figures on tables or in your centerpieces!

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