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Dreaming of Lake Drive

Updated: Jan 20

To be along the lake is dreamy to most. To live along the lake is a dream to many. To envision what living that dream could be, here on Lake Drive in Milwaukee is something, Stone House Stage + Design created to become reality.

Lake Drive is a road along Lake. Michigan in Milwaukee, WI, filled with prestige, intrigue, style and most importantly, an incredible home worthy of dreaming about. That said, in order for us to create the vision we knew you would love, we had to neutralize the decor and design a space that you could see yourself living in.

Our goal at Stone House Stage + Design is to allow you to be part of the space, part of the home, part of the dream to live out your life. We so believe this that we created a video for you to see this space yourself.

We hooked up with our girl Mina George creator of Mina George Films to bring you this amazing video.

When we started, this home was full of personal style, which often challenges buyers to envision something different. Therefore, we desired to create a neutral pallet, bringing in textures, greens, wood accents and impeccable detail, all while highlighting the original wood floors, millwork and outstanding lake views.

Our number one goal was not to upstage what we were fortunate to work with, rather we choose to focus on the beauty that was already there and neutralize the space so you could create your dream of future living inside the walls of Lake Drive!

With Esteem Realtor, Shar Borg from First Weber as our partner for this home and an area that speaks for itself... this whole stage was a delight and certainly beautiful to say the least.

I know for us, we would love to make your dream of lake living become reality on Lake Drive!

With honesty and integrity, we trend to the believer of dreaming BIG because it is the


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