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How to Decorate a Mantel for the Holidays

It is the holiday season, and we are getting so excited about holiday decorations here at Stone House. Of course decorating your Christmas tree is a must, but we thought we would share our step by step process on how to decorate a mantel for the holidays. Our method uses natural elements, blues, and neutral colors to pull off a chic, sophisticated holiday look.

Ready to dive in and create the best Christmas Mantel around?

If you answered YES, keep on reading.

Step 1

Start with your mantel and remove any decor and store them for after the holidays are over. Next, get out the greenery you plan on using. For this specific mantel, we opted for a pine garland with pinecones. Place the garland on the mantel shelf itself. This way assumes that your mantel has enough depth to hold your greenery securely, or that you attach it securely so that it doesn’t slip forward.

Step 2

Next, grab three navy gingham bows and add them to the garland. We recommend having them equally placed apart. One near the left, middle, and the right side. This creates balance!

Step 3

Next, place gold decorative leaves on the mantel, making sure to hid the stem in the pine garland. Again don't overdue it on one side, make sure it is even!

Step 4

For added texture and a hint of coastal style, we added in white wooden beads with tan tassels. Place these beads or ones you find similar to the each end of the mantel, tucking them underneath the pine garland. If the beads come loose, try using wire to secure them!

Step 5

It is time for adding the stockings! We recommend using either command hooks to hold the stockings, using thread/ribbon/or fishing line by tying it to the garland if it is sturdy enough. The hooks generally do not damage the walls or paint when you remove them, but do follow the manufacturers instructions and use at your own risk. You definitely want to make sure the area you are going to put a hook on is clean and dry (and dust free!). Depending on how often you use your fireplace, you may experience the command hooks falling off from the adhesive melting.

Step 6

Add a touch of personal style by monogramming or adding each family members name on your stockings!

There you have it! Now tell us what you think and share with us photos of your mantle!


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