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How to Easily Style a Coffee Table

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Have you struggled with figuring out what to place on your coffee table?

Hmm... Maybe flowers, beads, bowls, magazines?

In this post, we are going to breakdown, how to style and decorate your coffee table with a tray.

Whether you need a new coffee table or have one that needs a little help, we have you covered! For many of us, a coffee table is an important element of a living room or family room. So, make sure you choose one that not only reflects your unique style but can grow with you.

How To Quickly Style & Decorate A Coffee Table

Ready to learn how to style and decorate a coffee table? I hope your answer was a big YES.

Here are potential home decor you can use:

  • Tray - We recommend choosing a neutral color tray to be able to switch out seasonally. Rectangular or round coffee table trays or serving trays you can use.

  • Flowers, plants or other greenery

  • Books or boxes

  • Candles

  • Personal mementos or souvenirs

  • Seasonal decor

Decorating your coffee tables is nothing new, but it can add a personal touch to your room. Choosing pieces that reflect your personality is great to add on here and it can be a great conversation starter when you are entertaining! We also recommend using a variety of heights, colors, and textures to create visual intrigue. Start with the tallest object, then add linear elements next to it. Layer on some pieces on top of your flat object for more interest.

BONUS TIP: Use an odd number of objects! It will make your coffee table appear more casual and natural.

Lastly, remember, that less is more!

What's your favorite way to style your coffee table? Share your tips in the comments below!

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