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How to RUG... the SH way!

We all know how trying it is to "buy the 'right' rug".

Most wonder about:

size, texture, pattern, quality, trend, material, pile-height, room-fit... ALL OF IT!

Actually, simple ideas, with BIG results if you do it right.

So here we go... how do we RUG here at Stone House Stage + Design?

Additionally, Stone House Stage + Design always focuses on the entire room. Our goal is to highlight the whole space. We professionally design & detail every area we get to work in, focusing on creating a SPACE that is best for the buyer.

Let's face it... RUGS RULE!

Rugs change a look, change the feel, change a room, change a home.

Stone House loves layers, SH loves vintage, SH loves changing a space to "your place"!

We love working WITH you to create a partnership

that includes designing & detailing that is second to none.

We take pride in what we we do.

With honesty and integrity, we trend to the believer of dreaming BIG.

...it is the #agetostage

we stage, it sells

If you want more behind the scenes & live footage, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Believe WITH us.


we work for you & with you...

Creating partnerships is what we do!

Thanks for the support &

dreaming BIG with us.✌🏼


SH crew

Welcome to Stone House

Stone House is a recognized leader in the home staging industry, serving all of Wisconsin. We believe every home has a story to tell and we are here to help bring that story to life. 

The homes we stage have a clean, simple, beautiful look to them. We pride ourselves on helping the realtor and the homeowner sell their home. 

We promise all of our clients on-trend design, outstanding customer service, and impeccable staging.

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