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Marlborough in the Bay? Yes, please!...

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Stone House Stage & Design has so much coming up and so much going on... but today is the day to check out 4747 N Marlborough Dr. Whitefish Bay, WI. In fact, you should check it out... NOW!

With an Anna & Emily, two of Stone House Stage & Design's, best Interior Stylists, we could not have asked for more.

As with what we always do, we came in, respected the feel of the owner and immediately prepared for the work that needed to be done to sell!

This home started out "For Sale by Owner" and stayed on the market far too long, for all it has to offer. With an awesome owner to work with, as well as an incredible location, great backyard, wonderful structure and a loved-on vibe, Stone House recognized that all we had to do was prepare this home for its worth.

Thus, we focused on highlighting the bones of the home and staged a modern & fresh feel.

  • Paint (painted both, master & spare bedrooms)

  • Light Fixtures (changed throughout the home)

  • Flooring (both, removed & refinished in multiple locations)

  • Windows (removed curtains to open the rooms & allow for greater lighting)

  • Neutralized & Simplified (removed unnecessary items/decor throughout)

  • Basement (put in new carpet & paneling)

  • Photos (took all professional photos for marketing)

  • VIDEO (Indirap was with us & just wait for what's to come!)

The good news is, Stone House Stage & Design is

prepared, experienced, professional and handles it all for you!

Whether you are the owner, a seller or realtor, we love meeting you where you are at.

We love the opportunity to work WITH you to gain the statistics that we believe in most.


  • we believe it is the #agetostage.

  • we cannot do this alone.

  • we trust that what we do matters.

  • we appreciate partnership.

  • we transform, "just a space" to - "IT'S THE PLACE".

  • we love giving back.

  • we know, when we stage, it sells!

  • we are inspired by community.

  • we are grateful for YOU.

If you want more behind the scenes, live footage, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Peace, SH fans... we sure love your way of wonder.

Thanks for the support & dreaming BIG with us.✌🏼

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