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Mill Street Partners

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

It's nothing new that we, Stone House Stage + Design, pride ourselves in not only welcoming business partnerships but we brand ourselves around them too. We love what we do and we love seeking opportunities to partner with others who also believe in creating dreams.

When introduced to partnering with the Mill Street project, it already had driven goals, an incredible reputation and a vision that most can only imagine. For SH, this project allowed us to bring vision to completion. We got to dream, design, plan, believe and partner with Spancrete to create a home that is something you will want to see.

Know the details:

Project Partner: Spancrete History of Mill Street home:

  • In 1842, a sawmill was built with an adjoining home on Lake Nagawicka, about 45 minutes west of Milwaukee. (For reference, Wisconsin became a state in 1848.) The Mill Street Project, as we’ve come to call it, is a study in respecting heritage while building a legacy of beauty through efficiency.

  • Re-built by Spancrete CEO John Nagy, the project was a labor of love. The 3,000 square-foot structure features three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and over 80 feet of lake frontage. Renderings and drawings of the property can be viewed here.

  • While the home itself is stunning, its build is really where the magic happened. John embraced the legacy of the original structure and reused its materials, literally deconstructing the house and taking the stone off piece by piece. He preserved its history and made a commitment to building a sustainable structure. The finished home features nearly all the original stone and brick. In addition to reused materials, John wanted to be sure the home was energy efficient and chose to build it using precast concrete products.

  • He understands the flexibility precast offers home design and, more importantly, the benefits it provides homeowners. Because Spancrete precast hollowcore and insulated wall panels retain energy, they are extremely efficient at heating and cooling a home. Precast flooring on the first and second stories married with interior lower level wall panels, combined with hydronic heating throughout the home and garage, will help this home deliver more than 55% greater energy efficiency than traditional homes. Other benefits of building with precast can be found here. HISTORY INFORMATION CREDIT: Kimberly Wacker Vice President, Marketing/Communicaitons, SPANCRETE

"Working with Stone House, Anna and the team was nothing but pure delight. We developed a shared vision for the home and our marketing campaign. They excited flawlessly and worked well with our fluid and light schedule. The design was meticulous and the attention to detail was superb. We could not have asked for a better partner." - Kimberly Wacker, Marketing/Communications - SPANCRETE

Stone House Stage + Design duties:

  • Design, furnish, stage, detail & decorate home for publication, creating awareness of what Spancrete has to offer in focusing on efficient homes.

"Having the privilege to partner with Spancrete was nothing we took lightly. We humbly appreciated the opportunity to work directly with Kimberly, who trusted us and allowed SH to bring their dream and vision to life. The process, the experience & the wisdom we gained is something we will never forget. It truly was a pleasure and nothing short of incredible. For all of it, we're beyond grateful." -Anna Franklin, Owner & CEO - STONE HOUSE STAGE + DESIGN

See the details:

(before and afters)

All the vision, all the beauty, detailed to completion:

View the efficiency:



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