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115th Street Flip

Updated: Feb 26

Anyone thats watched HGTV knows that there are those people out there who flip houses for either a full time job or a side hustle. For this stage, we got to help flip this house get an accepted offer in only 7 hours!

Originally, this property had incredible natural lighting as well as neutral colors so that was something we tried to work with from the start. After we had an idea of the direction we wanted to go in, we were able to start with our enhancements:

- paint

- furniture layout

- furniture selection

- simplifying

- detailing decor


John Molitor

Keller Williams

Molitor Properties

To us, there's nothing more rewarding than having one of our stages help our customers. In this case, we had one of our fastest turnovers yet in only 7 hours! When it comes to flipping houses, turnover rates can literally be a make or break when it comes to turning a profit. It's actually said to be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to flipping houses. Even after the renovation, sometimes potential buyers can be turned off by a vacant home; thats where we come in. A freshly renovated home along with a proper stage gives buyers that extra push they need to seal the deal.

Thinking about flipping a home in the near future? Looking for a professional stager to get your latest project off the market? Now you know where to go!

it is the #agetostage

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