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...only worthy of WONDERful!

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

and with a home like this, we too, were FULL of WONDER

It was our very first time working with Alex Anderson and we could not have been more honored. Alex is a known Real Estate agent with the Suzanne Powers, Realty Group, Investor and house Flipper. He chose and trusted our expertise to stage an on-trend, mid-modern vibe for this Milwaukee home, which rests near the hot-spot of Wauwautosa!

With that vision, Emily, one of our designers, got to work her magic in the basement, living room, kitchen & dining, all of which were EMPTY when we started. It was an awesome first stage for Emily and she did not fall short of impressing. With her experience and expertise, she powered through with great thought and collaboration to represent all that comes with a home destined to be both wonderful & wonder-filled!

See below how Stone House Stage and Design transformed:

"empty to livable", "bland to polished", "vision to reality"



The reality is, most people cannot envision what a livable space can be, when it's viewed only as the structure of a house; most people cannot imagine placement and warmth amongst empty spaces; most people desire to wonder about how they would feel when they walk through their prospecting home.

What we do at Stone House Stage and Design is create the wonder for those who need it most; ...and let's face it, those are the ones who appreciate the WONDERFUL!

So now you're wondering?

Take a look, contact Alex Anderson & walk though... you won't want to miss!

And as always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to reach out.

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