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See the SH Stage, buy Bayside!

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

What takes someone from Bayside, WI to Boulder, CO?

...Only an opportunity of a lifetime, because no one would choose to leave this amazing Bayside home, which is just steps from the lake front....

Lucky for us, 1200 E Donges Ct, Bayside WI is now on the market!

It's worth taking a look, but first, allow Stone House Stage & Design to share the inside story...

This home has great space, an incredible backyard and a ton of natural light!

To highlight each aspect, we chose to keep the majority of the home neutralized so the buyer could see the bright opportunity of this Bayside home for themselves.



We painted over the navy blue walls in the master, which made the space feel dark and closed-in. We wanted to neutralize the room & create a vibe that was calm and relaxing. It worked, it's awesome! However, this home owner's bold and bright style was something we knew was an important aspect to incorporate. To recognize that, we chose to add subtle vibrant details through SH art & rug selection. Collaborating and detailing to reflect both, bold & neutral (what's appreciated by the seller, as well as necessary for the buyer) is something we take pride in... it's part of the SH experience.

"Once I started the process of depersonalizing our home,

I became encouraged to keep going, it was a shedding process for me. It was new for me

to be included in the process as the owner/seller and I valued the experience."

- Bayside Homeowner, Molly


90% of buyers are looking online. Online presence is INCREDIBLY important and we commit to promoting online for you. Thus, capturing your home at its finest is important to us as well.

(And let's be honest... dark walls and too many vibrant colors don't photograph well, so choosing neutral and bright for the majority of a home is the way to go when staging!)



There is a lot that goes into professional staging...

There is a lot that happens behind the scenes... consultation & collaboration, designing, planning, scheduling, buying, managing, moving, painting, storing - basically a whole lot of work to focus on getting your home ready to sell.

Additionally, when you use Stone House Stage & Design, we promise an experience that is second to none. We commit to exceptional service and custom detailing, as well as online marketing through active social media and personalized blog posts specific to your sale.

In other words, we stage for YOU...

transforming, "just a space" to - "IT'S THE PLACE"

Because, when we stage, it sells!

Follow us and take a look at all the homes we get to promote!

it is the #agetostage

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✌🏼peace SH fans...

Thank you for the support &

for dreaming BIG with us.

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