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South Lake Love...

We design, we plan, we paint, we redecorate. We professionally stage.

We are Stone House Stage + Design and South Lake is one of our staged homes that you'll certainly desire to see.

After meeting with the sellers,

we were confident that this was going

to be a great stage to set! We knew with some detailed planning, we would be able to make a generous difference by focusing on:

- paint

- furniture layout

- furniture selection

- simplifying

- detailing decor

We chose to brighten & update each space by lightening the paint color.

We also transitioned furniture to create an open-concept feel, as well as removed the unnecessary/heavy pieces to expand each area for more livable space throughout the rooms.

We toned down the busyness within the rooms to emphasize a relaxing feel, by simplifying pattern and decor.

And finally, by eliminating clutter and softening our furniture & decor selection (both literally and figuratively), we enhanced a welcoming environment, creating a space that's easy to dream about.

it is the #agetostage

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Stone House Stage & Design

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Peace, SH fans... we sure love your way of wonder.

Thanks for the support & dreaming BIG with us.✌🏼

Welcome to Stone House

Stone House is a recognized leader in the home staging industry, serving all of Wisconsin. We believe every home has a story to tell and we are here to help bring that story to life. 

The homes we stage have a clean, simple, beautiful look to them. We pride ourselves on helping the realtor and the homeowner sell their home. 

We promise all of our clients on-trend design, outstanding customer service, and impeccable staging.

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