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Why Staging Matters

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Selling a home can be tough. Homebuyers have become more particular. Many, looking for fresh, simple, and furnished rooms where they can create and envision their dream home.

When we stage a home, we’re attempting to sell an idea. Picture it: beautiful kitchen counters, fresh-cut flowers from the farmers market, accented couch pillows…

That is, staged homes are impeccably elegant, neat, and gorgeous in every way. The truth is, home staging helps prospective buyers visualize their everyday lives within the expanse of beautifully staged homes. Home staging is the missing link between making a top-dollar sale and floundering on the housing market for weeks.

This is why staging has become so important. #StagingMatters

With all of that said, staging is extremely beneficial to the seller. From increasing the buying price of a home and decreasing time on the market, to helping fuel potential buyers’ emotional response to a home; staging matters a great deal and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Here is a perfect example of a stage who we will call Wendy Lane.

This stage was a perfect example of the Stone House Brand. As we always have and will continue to do, we focused on the bones of this home.

We certainly took into consideration the original build & beauty, prior to staging the space. First, we toured, planned, and designed to highlight the attributes that were already there, while focusing on what needed to be simplified and updated.

Check out the before and after of the living room below!

We really focused on bringing the home into an updated + modern realm so you can appreciate the space as you walk through. We focus on the details at this stage to create a space that anyone would desire.

Just take a look at the differences in the images below! The second creates a more welcoming, open, and bright atmosphere. This will help the potential buyers to imagine themselves living there! The fact of the matter is, prospective buyers need help visualizing their realities. Home staging allows us to create scenes with real-world scenarios for homeowners.

And at its core, home staging needs to appeal to all demographics to make the sale.

Here at Stone House, we know what is essential when it comes to staging. We specifically focus on creating a space that is worthy of wonder.

Here is how we can help because all of it matters:

  • consultation & collaboration

  • designing & planning

  • scheduling & managing

  • moving & storing

  • buying & painting

  • cleaning & flooring

  • detailing & focusing on a home that is ready to sell

Additionally, when you use Stone House Stage & Design, we promise an experience that is second to none. We commit to exceptional service and custom detailing, as well as online marketing through active social media posts specific to your sale.

Check out the images below to see more of the transformations!

Whether you are the owner, a seller, or realtor, we love meeting you where you are at. Home staging can transform your space and help it sell at top dollar. We make properties more beautiful and marketable by treating every space as a unique vignette, telling its story through alluring, bright, and simple design. We love the opportunity to work WITH you to gain the statistics that we believe in most.

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Welcome to Stone House

Stone House is a recognized leader in the home staging industry, serving all of Wisconsin. We believe every home has a story to tell and we are here to help bring that story to life. 

The homes we stage have a clean, simple, beautiful look to them. We pride ourselves on helping the realtor and the homeowner sell their home. 

We promise all of our clients on-trend design, outstanding customer service, and impeccable staging.

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