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Stone House Stages & Elkhart SELLS...

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the #agetostage!

It really is the age to stage. We know it, we believe it & today we have proof that what we do matters...

Stone House Stages & STAGING SELLS.

We could not be more excited to show you our before & afters... but first, let us give you a summery of what we chose to focus on.


- Main Living (with a challenging flow, scaling furniture was incredibly important)

- Kitchen & Dining

- Master (we re-imagined the space, creating wonder, ideas & dreams)


We consulted with the Essam Elsafy Team from Shorewest Realty, (who are incredibly relevant in the North Shore area of Milwaukee - check them out!) to share ideas & choose paint colors throughout the home.

- Sherwin Williams "Ivory Lace" wins!

TEACHABLE TECHNIQUE: When we choose a color that champions the space, most often we stick with it throughout the home to create invitation, essence, flow & clean consistency. Our goal is to provide calm with subtle intrigue rather than overwhelm, anxiety & too much to focus on.

Stone House Stage & Design platforms on designing for the wonder; creating an idea of what a space could be...

In fact, we design & create wonder so quickly that in less than 3 days after we staged this home, which was was previously on the market for over a year, IT SOLD!

...welcome to it.

...welcome to wonder.

it is the #agetostage

...join us, follow us, come with us to wonder about:

Stone House Stage & Design

we stage, it sells.

If you want more behind the scenes, live footage, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Peace, SH fans... we sure love your way of wonder.

Thanks for the support & dreaming BIG with us.✌🏼

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Stone House is a recognized leader in the home staging industry, serving all of Wisconsin. We believe every home has a story to tell and we are here to help bring that story to life. 

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