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Tennyson Drive Transformation

One thing that never fails to impress our followers and show the real power of staging is our Before and After photos from projects. Both Vacant Stages and Occupied Stages possess value from different aspects to buyers. Vacant Stages are like a blank canvas, showing the void that was filled in the house. Occupied Stages on the other hand show raw change and even make the viewer relate more value through the transformation. What might only be a matter of decluttering and exchange of furniture can make a home feel more updated and modern. Want a first hand look at one of our Occupied Stages? Here's Tennyson Drive!

At first glance, this house looks outdated and cluttered not only because of the furniture but the general age as well. The lack of windows made it a challenge to bring natural light in and open up the room.

Moving from the living areas to the bedrooms brought on the same issues along with clashing rugs and almost no color scheme at all. Ready for the after pics yet?

Overall we could not have been happier with the way that this project turned out. There wasn't that overwhelming feeling of clutter and mismatch. Shelves were lightly furbished neatly and with more modern decor. Newer, more coordinating rugs were brought in to replace the previous to give the home a color scheme along with our updated furniture that paired with the dark features throughout.

This property was though John Molitor, Realtor at Keller Williams, check him out for your real estate needs!

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