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Top Tips from an Interior Stylist on Creating a Dream Space!

Few of us have homes like you see in magazines or on your favorite interior design shows. Many of us simply don't have the stamina to keep our living space in the state of perfection every dang day.

While we shouldn't pressure ourselves to live to the standards of staged homes, TV, or magazines, It doesn't hurt to learn some top tips on how to create a dream space.

Meet the Interior Stylist Sarah Keller is an interior stylist and creative consultant for Stone House Stage + Design. She has worked with a variety of clients and brands to create spaces that are natural, light, and bright.

We asked her to share all the little things that can make your home a dream space. The best part? These tips you can implement into your home right away -- which means you can achieve a perfected look in just a few days, if not hours (depending on your project space/design in mind). If you're ready to take your home to a whole new level and make it the home of your dreams, these insanely easy tips will make a world of a difference in your space.

Here's what she had to say:

1. Keep it natural.

When it comes to choosing furniture, decor, rugs, etc. - one rule always guides me: Choose items that are natural, textural, and inspired by nature. Always choose the solid wood furniture and accent pieces. Go with a vintage or wool rug over one constructed of man-made materials. Steer clear of anything with a faux finish.

2. Mix the old with the new - and make the old new again.

My favorite place to find amazing decor is at thrift or antique stores. Some chunky antique bookends, a vintage pitcher or glassware, solid brass animals to adorn your shelves - these things balance out the newness of design and make a house feel like a home. I also love to repurpose old items into something new and practical. Take an old sugar mold and make it into crayon storage for your kids. Repurpose an old wooden library file drawer into a place for all of those Pokemon cards. Since I'm not a fan of plastic crates and bins, I try to get creative for all of our storage needs.

3. Don't overthink - just do it.

So often I hear people say they are too scared to try out the design they are imagining because they are worried they won't like how it comes together or they don't know if their ideas are good ones. My advice is to just jump in. Don't worry about perfection, and just start curating the room you are imagining. If something doesn't come together as you imagined, change it!

Design can be fluid and ever-changing - the important thing is to just start.

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