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What the Best Paint Colors are for Home Staging

I have news for you, friend.

The days of green and red walls when selling your home are over. If you’ve got any walls outside the neutral zone viewable from the entryway, grab a paintbrush and a few gallons of paint.

When you're selling your home, you are not selling your life story and what you built in that home, but rather an idea to potential buyers. A place for them to visualize themselves living in that space.

The variety of paint swatches at the hardware store are enough to make anyone’s head spin. So we narrowed down your color selection to some of our favorites we use when staging homes.

Get ready to immerse yourself into the neutral world of the best home staging paint colors.

Which rooms should you paint for home staging?

There’s a lot to do when it comes to selling your home, and staging your home is a pretty big one.

So keep it simple with prioritization. Focus on spaces immediately visible from that doorway: the dining room, living room, kitchen, and any of the main living spaces. Don’t worry too much about secondary rooms.

Most importantly, buyers should walk in and immediately see a an appealing palette that piques their interest.

Common Colors to Use

The most common neutral colors to use when staging your home fall under these three categories:

  • White

  • Gray

  • Beige

There is a subcategory called greige, but for now, we are going to set that aside.

Here are 3 of our favorites:

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1. Greek Villa

One of our favorites that we use during staging is this warm white from Sherwin-Williams.

2. Revere Pewter

This is a warm gray that was color-matched and is stunning!

3. Crushed Ice

Our personal favorite is Crushed Ice. It is a great warm gray. Depending on the light, it can take on a gray or greige look.

Selecting your home staging paint finish

Now that you have the perfect color selected, you must find the perfect finish!

The finish you choose will change the perception of the color to the naked eye, impact the durability of the paint, and hide (or highlight!) any imperfections in the wall itself.

  • Kitchen: Easy-to-clean paint is a must, so we recommend a semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

  • Living Rooms: These high-traffic rooms, so we recommend using a satin finish.

  • Bedrooms: These typically do well with matte or flat finishes.

  • Bathrooms: These rooms see a lot of moisture and traffic, so use a semi-gloss finish.

The home staging paint colors you choose have a direct impact on how your house shows to buyers. Make sure you’re putting your best paintbrush forward by choosing the right tones.

With thousands of variations in the beige, white, and gray family alone, you can’t make the wrong choice!


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