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What To Expect From An Interior Design Consultation with Stone House Stage and Design

Consulting with an interior designer can be a key step in creating the space of your dreams. Each designer approaches this phase of a project differently. At Stone House, we take a unique approach that allows us to provide value to the client even if they ultimately decide to go another direction with the project. Let’s talk about how our design sessions differ from other interior design consultations and what you can gain from them.

We can provide a variety of different services in our initial interior design consultation. In most cases, the goal is to get a basic understanding of what space you want to do (This may be a whole home, a few rooms, etc...), discuss how you want the space to look, and any of the following:

  • Space Planning - Space planning involves an in-depth analysis of how a particular space is going to be used and what can be done to accommodate the desired functions most effectively. Often, a space that doesn’t function well is what inspires a client to seek out an interior designer.

  • Paint Color Selection - Color is one of the most overwhelming steps in any interior design project. Paint color selection can be a highly-beneficial way to use a consultation because it not only narrows the playing field but also can see how color can affect a space.

  • Problem Solve With Unique Solutions - As we mentioned previously, a space that doesn’t function well is one of the most common reasons clients seek the expertise of an interior designer. We can help you identify and solve problems with the functionality of your space in creative and beautiful ways. An amazing example of this was using our client's handmade dining room and artwork table as a part of the design!

  • Clarity on your unique style - Each of us has a special style and taste and we are here to help you recognize that!

  • Talk Budget - Feeling unsure of how much an interior design project might cost can prevent many potential clients from even sitting down for an interior design consultation. Budget analysis can offer exponential value to a client considering a project by offering insight into how much their desired outcome might cost and how they can bring their dream space to life.

That’s just the beginning of the value you can gain from a design consultation with Stone House.

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