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Why MLS Photos are *Extremely* Important When Selling Your Home

Have you ever looked up a home online, only to look at pictures that looked dingy, poor lighting, and cluttered?

You tossed that home into the "No thank you pile" and continue your search for a different home.

But... what if those photos you saw on some realtor's website looked light, airy, spacious?

You probably would have been more inclined to ask about it right?

I know you are shaking your head yes right now! That's why MLS photos are essential when trying to sell your home. Let's take a look at the top three reasons why that is!

1. Most Buyers are Looking to Buy Online First

In 2010, the percentage of home buyers that searched the Internet when looking for a home was 89%... and that was 10 years ago. Especially with COVID-19 and adjusting to life with slightly more restrictions, consumers are looking for a new place on their laptops and smartphones.

I mean why go in-store right away, when you can get a feel of what you like via the Internet.

With all of the competition in the housing market, it is important to have professional photos because they are your first, and maybe only impression, to the majority of buyers who are searching for homes on the Internet.

Kind of a big deal, right?!

Resource: National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

2. Way More Clicks + Online Viewing

Professional shots of your home can draw a lot more attention to your listings and result in more clicks by potential buyers. photos can draw more attention to your listings and result in more clicks by potential buyers. There have been studies that found that some listings generated an average of 150% increase in clicks.

Yes, you read that right.

Even though that doesn't mean you will get a sale right away, it does mean you just widened your pool for potential buyers to view your listing!

3. What percentage of homes sold were sold with professionally shot photos?

The Wall Street Journal published an article sharing that in the majority of price brackets, more homes sold that had professionally shot photos. They found, that a professional camera can affect how a buyer views the listing and the benefits can be seen starting at the $300K price point.

After all of these reasons, it is quite easy to see why having professional photos of your home can drastically improve your chances of not only selling your home faster, but for a higher price.

That's why for the month of August 2020, we are giving out free MLS Photos to anyone who chooses to stage with us! Contact us here to learn more.


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